Timetable of the Cathedral, with some illustrating Photographs

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Around 1065 Christianization of Polabia (Slavic country near the Elbe river). Founding of the Benedictine monastery of St. Georgsberg.
1062 Aristo named first bishop of the newly founded episcopate of Ratzeburg by the Archbishop Adalbert of Bremen.
July 15, 1066 Great revolt of the Wends. Ansverus, abbot of the monastery of St. Georgsberg, and eighteen monks stoned to death.
Battle of Schmilau. Victory over the Wends. Christianization slowly resumed.
1154 Refounding of the episcopate of Ratzeburg by Henry the Lion.
Aug., 11th, 1154 Laying of the corner stone of the cathedral. First bishop: Evermod (1154-1178).
After 1160 Beginning of construction.
Around 1220 Construction of the Southern vestibule. Cathedral completed.
1251ff. Construction of the cloister and of  the chapter house (Praemonstratensian canons).
1380 Addition of the Lauenburg Chapel.
1504 Abdiction of the monastery. Canons discontinue wearing the garb of the Praemonstratensians.
1554 Conversion to Protestantism by Bishop Christoph von Schulenburg.
1566 Georg Usler, first Protestant Minister of the cathedral.
Secularization of the episcopal office. Ratzeburg joined to Mecklenburg as principality.
1693 Cathedral damaged in Danish siege of Ratzeburg (see canonballs, e.g. in entrance wall).
1876-1881 Restoration of the cathedral (Gothic chapel removed).
Lightening causing fire in the cathedral.
Thorough restoration of the cathedral. Recovery of its original state.
New church bells.